Whatever your training initiative may be,
iTech is ready to help you create the most appropriate and successful training program possible.  

We enjoy working with people to solve problems and improve human performance and experience. 

We specialize in instructional design and delivery of  customized documentation, training materials, classroom or online instruction programs.



With over 26 years in the consulting industry, we are prepared to meet the challenge of creating 
effective and engaging learning materials within the framework of your business needs.  iTech's
instructional design services include over 50 satisfied clients.   We have worked with a wide variety of industries and have adapted instructional materials to fit the audience (from the shop floor to the executive

Based on identified learning needs, we provide customized curriculum designed to meet targeted
learning objectives.  We determine the most appropriate instructional strategy for the learning style 
of the people in your organization. Our focus is not only on WHAT you need to learn, but also on 
HOW you learn best.  Our approach is to move the learner from training to real-life application as soon as possible. We can also perform job-embedded coaching and mentoring on the new process or skill. 

We will work with your subject matter experts (SME) to design custom materials. We have conducted many interviews, know the questions to ask and how to organize content into learning material. We provide prototypes and drafts,  produce high quality work, gaining your sign-off at each step of the way -without taking up space and incurring additional expenses at your site. Our work ethics and deliverables translate into a professional, yet friendly product and experience.

The result of customized learning is tangible and will have a measurable impact on your business. Please visit our Portfolio for a list of our recent instructional design projects and satisfied clients and business partners!


Because we've been around the block a few times, you can reduce costs by using a consultant that possesses a large consulting firm heritage and knows how to manage engagements, but can work at lower rates as we have less overhead.
Our preferred project approach is to determine the appropriate balance between working on-site and off-site. We will only require a minimal amount of time working with your SME, then can return can return to our offices and work efficiently, without interruption.  
We  have a history of references and have won awards for client satisfaction. If you choose us for your development needs, you will be 100% satisfied.



Our services include a strong instructional design methodology that ensures results for your unique professional development needs!

Curriculum Design Development that includes adult learning theories, step-by-step instruction,  assessment, and evaluation.

Development of self-instructional user manuals or web-based training programs.  Development of Employee Handbooks that describe policies and procedures.

Custom Training, facilitation and instruction of workshops

Process Re-engineering/ Needs Analysis
Take a fresh look at old process, incorporate technology where applicable to streamline the procedure, create appropriate tools,  and teach employees how to implement the new process.  A Needs Assessment will clearly define the current situation, the optimal situation, and the nature of the gap that lies between where our client is and where they want to be. 

Management of the engagement using project management skills (scope, budget, timeline, deliverables, contingencies, etc.)

Experiential Learning
The things we have to learn before we do them,  we learn by doing them.
- Aristotle



 iTech is experienced at: 

Assessing learning styles / audience 

Determining learning goals

Writing performance objectives

Designing an instructional strategy

Interviewing subject matter experts (SME's) 

Developing learning materials

Developing measurement instruments

Performing instructor-led professional development

Providing on-going, job-embedded coaching & mentoring

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