We specialize and really enjoy helping those who are in need of a web presence, but are unsure of how to go about it.  We can help bring a professional image to any business. 

When approaching each project, we take a look at the big picture and ask the right questions to determine what you want from an online presence. Once we have a clear direction, we apply a specific phased development approach to design just the right look that truly represents your company.  

Our goal is that your website rewards you with a great return on your investment and becomes your hardest-working business asset.



As you can see from our slogan, Define, Design, & Deliver is our motto!  We apply that methodology to the work we do.  You must first define the project so that everyone involved realizes goals and that a successful outcome really begins with a clear roadmap and strategy.  Our approach or roadmap serves as a project plan to stay on track throughout the lifecycle of the website development project.  It defines logical milestones or phases of completion.  Our approach provides a step-by-step process to completion and delivery.

We've built long-lasting partnerships with customers during our projects.  We find that defining the process is the job of setting expectations to ensure that everyone involved has a comfort level with how the project will progress.  To learn more, click [+] buttons below to read how we approach each phase of the development process.





We begin all web design projects with a creative kickoff meeting between our design consultant and the client. During this meeting, our approach will be determined by reviewing and gaining a full understanding of the purpose of the website.  We will discuss website objectives/goals, technologies needed, target market and general company identity.

During this meeting, we will also define general budgetary issues, timeline for completion, color choices, available photography (including logo artwork), primary navigation and home page imagery.

What you can do to prepare:
Compile a list of a few web sites that you like.  Make a list of the different elements you like about them. 

Do you have a preference for certain color combinations?

Do you like your navigation menu across the top or down the side of a page?

Gather any information about your company that you would like to have on your web site.  This will include your logo, content from marketing brochures or magazine articles.  

Think about the number of pages you feel will represent your company appropriately.   For example: Services - list each service your company offers.  

Think about who will be on our project development team.  Identify roles and responsibilities for individuals in your company that will be available to work with our consultant.





The design phase will translate your company's image into a quality website that promotes your business in the most professional manner. 

Based on the information gathered during the creative kickoff meeting, this phase of the project will consist of creating a mockup concept that illustrates the appearance and structure of your website for your review, feedback and comments. Positioning of the logo, navigation menus, and ideas for auxiliary images begin to be developed and will  eventually become the website's "story board". 

You will be presented with a plan of your website's hierarchy, professional layouts of the home page and navigation menus to confirm the general site structure. 

Once you have reviewed the website layout, we will implement a final round of revisions (if required) before presenting the design for final approval. We strongly believe that keeping the customer closely involved during the creative process will ensure that the proposed concept reflects all of the requirements identified in the definition phase. 

When you have approved the look and feel of your site, we will provide you with a proposal that includes the estimated number of hours to complete the project and a project plan to stay on track during Phase III.  





The development phase involves converting the approved layout into an operational, full functioning website.  Once the basic website framework has been established, we will populate content on a page by page basis according to the project plan. 

We ask that our clients provide us with text/content in the form of Word documents.  Providing your own content will  keep your cost to a minimum and explain your business directly from the expert... you! If you have no prior content available, we can help you with copy for an additional fee. 

To make your site search engine friendly, we research and recommend pertinent meta data. We build  meta tags into every page.

During the development phase, we will register your company's domain name if you do not already have one. We will contract with a hosting company and configure your email accounts.  As an interim solution, we will create an attractive holding page that displays the basic contact information for your company until the site is complete.

Prior to your review, we will ensure all links work and the content proofread.  In other words, all of the site testing and validation is done prior to your final review of pages.

What you can do to facilitate this process:
Work within the guidelines of our project plan to establish an orderly completion of page content development.  It will be your responsibility to get information to us in a timely manner so that we can stay on track.

Stay in close contact with us so that we can quickly resolve questions that may arise during development.





Now, it's Go Live! with our dynamic design and compelling content.  We will publish your site to the internet. Our work is complete once we have submitted it to search engines, so you can be found.  We are also available to help you configure email accounts so that mail downloads into Outlook or train your employees to use web mail.




As the usefulness of websites has increased, so has their complexity. The task of maintaining the content on a site can be overwhelming, and creates the need for specialized personnel who are technically adept at making the necessary changes.  Many small and large businesses have begun to outsource their website maintenance. It's simply easier to hire a knowledgeable company to handle something as important as their website.

Search engines today look for sites with relevant content added regularly. That's why Google is so good at providing high quality relevant results when you search for products or services. If Google sees that you consistently add new information on your website, it is more likely that your site will appear higher in the ranking of return results.

If you want to update your website content,  Itech's Website Maintenance Services provide you with an opportunity to select a package that fits your budget. We will be adding more information on available packages soon. In the meantime, if you require maintenance service, please contact us to discuss your needs.


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